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We started our PartyLite career many years ago as hosts, we loved the products so much that we held several parties a year which were always a great success! We got engaged in 2008 still hosting our parties but never once considered (seriously) that we could ever make money being a consultant instead of a host! We met our fabulous leader-to-be at a wedding fayre in 2010 and realised that with less than 2 years until our big day we really needed some extra income (D had his eye on a flashy dance floor which was NOT in our budget).

We decided to join PartyLite as consultants and on October 30th 2010 D&G PartyLite Consultants was born! D got his dancefloor (paid for by PartyLite), We also managed to add on so much extra to our wedding in 2012 just from our earnings at PartyLite. We never dreamed of having this kind of financial freedom and we have never looked back, we both work full time at other jobs (our full time jobs pay our mortgage, cars, bills etc) PartyLite pays for our holidays, Christmas, weekends away, nights out, in fact anything we want to buy, we just party and earn (no boss so no sales targets). We decide on OUR goals and targets and earn the money WE want.

On October 2012 we promoted out as Unit Leaders and the DUAL WICKS Unit was born. There is no time frame on promotions, if YOU want promotion, YOU get promotion, its up to YOU!

YOU can do this to and still work another job or you can do this as your part time job but earn full time pay! It is up to YOU!

Get in touch to find out more Telephone 0141 5871216 or 07944 789896 or email

If you’re interested in finding out more about PartyLite and its products, why not attend one of my upcoming events. Contact me to find out more!

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